Executive Leadership  Honors Program

Executive Leadership Honors Program

Quench your intellectual curiosity as you pursue excellence at “The Mecca”

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The SBEL Honors Program supports higher academic achievement and individual excellence. With the help of Honors staff, students complete honors level business core classes, including Honors Seminar which is strategically designed to foster a cohesive community of ambitious students. Students are exposed to and interact with a variety of corporate sponsors, executive leaders, and prominent alumni. Additionally, students are expected to study abroad, complete 2-3 internships, compete in on and off campus business case study competitions, and share their business skills with the community.

Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Initiators, and Community Servants Welcome!

Students who have graduated at the top of their classes, with exceptional SAT/ACT scores and GPAs are encouraged to apply as entering freshmen or as second semester rising sophomores by emailing

Program Components

Experience-based Learning through Competitive Case Competitions

  • Students form multidisciplinary teams to engage in case analysis and problem-solving. Top performing teams are recognized through corporate sponsors and alumni at the program’s year-end banquet.

Exclusive Corporate Contact, Networking, and Professional Development Opportunities

  • Corporate sponsors conduct networking dinners, panel discussions, and training exclusively for Honors Program students.
  • Site visits to many sponsors through winter and spring corporate retreats.

Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Spring retreats are often held in a different country to directly expose students to the global business environment.
  • Student participation in one of the many study abroad opportunities offered through the School or University is highly encouraged.

Designated Honors Advisor

  • Honors Program students have access to a designated advisor that is specific to the Honors Program, in addition to the other School of Business academic advisors.
  • Honors Program students have priority class registration with access several days before general registration opens.

Personalized Academic Experience

  • Honors only sections are offered for 10 core courses. These are smaller sections which provide academic rigor and often utilize a case-based approach to learning, ensuring that advanced students are intellectually challenged and rewarded.
  • An Honors Seminar connects all Honors Program students in personal and professional development workshops, advanced case competitions, and corporate networking.

Service Learning

  • Students are encouraged to be thoughtful and active members of the community by connecting with vulnerable populations within the Washington Metropolitan community, building an understanding of their challenges, and the ways their expertise in business can help.

Leadership Development

  • Honors Program participants are offered added opportunities for leadership through team-based learning. All program participants are strongly encouraged to engage in ongoing leadership roles while the program provides the tools to assess one’s leadership style, acumen, strengths, and weaknesses.

Program History

  • As an outgrowth of the PEW Retention Grant Initiative, a formal Honors Program was established in the School of Business during the 1995-96 academic year. The establishment of this program provided much-needed services, support and challenges for high excelling new entrants. The program has offered a liberal education so that students understand the issues and values of a broad spectrum of disciplines and prepared students for graduate and professional school, as well as the business world, through their experiences with independent research and case studies. It has ensured a diverse cadre of students with excellent skills and training is available to corporations, non-profits, the public sector and small businesses alike, by developing advanced students with the necessary training and exposure to become world-class business leaders.

Meet the Honors Students

SBEL Honors students are an elite group of self-motivated, curious students eager to gain the experience and connections needed to become tomorrow’s business leaders. Not only are they high academic achievers, our students are campus leaders, world travelers, and active citizens. We asked some of our students to introduce themselves and explain why they enjoyed being in the SBEL Honors program.

Torin Collins

  • Class of 2018, Computer Information Systems major, Economics minor, Houston, TX.
  • I studied abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Because without truth we deny ourselves the freedom that is knowledge, and without service we deny ourselves the honor that is giving.

Jordan Culpepper

  • Class of 2018, International Business, Chicago, IL
  • I competitively roller skated for 2 years. This included figure skating and artistic skating.
  • We should always strive to live by truth and service because we have to realize that the accolades we receive and accomplishments we attain are not possible without a support system. Whether it be from family, friends, or even other Honors students, [the motto] reminds us that we should be humble and more than willing to help those that come after us so that they may attain the same level of greatness.

Shirbriya Fletcher

  • Class of 2018, Accounting, Bronx, NY
  • Although I am quiet and serious, I am also a pretty good prankster.
  • My favorite part about being an Honors student are the connections that I have made. Being surrounded by highly motivated, talented, and intellectual students on a daily basis has made my experience as an Honors student worthwhile. In addition to making connections with my peers, I have also had a tremendous amounts of opportunities to make connections with professionals that work with our corporate sponsors. I received my last two summer internship offers because of the connections that I made through the Honors program.

Tarnejah Rolfe

  • Senior, Computer Information Systems, Dallas, TX
  • I love to smile, laugh, and interact with people.
  • I joined the Honors program because I wanted to have the opportunity to be around like-minded individuals who can motivate me to strive for success.

Kandice Smith

  • Class of 2018, Finance major, Economics minor, Trinidad & Tobago, WI
  • I did dragon boat racing for two years in high school.
  • My favorite part about being an Honors student is having first year students inquire in awe about the program, and realizing that I have become a role model.