January 21, 2018

Howard University Alumnus Wendell E. Mackey Donates $250,000 To Howard University School Of Business For Bloomberg Finance Lab


WASHINGTON (February 16, 2018) — Howard University School of Business (HUSB) alumnus Wendell E. Mackey, CFA has donated $250,000 to Howard University to support the creation of a Bloomberg Finance Lab. In order to provide students with the preparation needed to thrive in finance-related fields, HUSB has contracted with Bloomberg to purchase licenses to the Bloomberg Professional Service. The donation will support the build-out, equipment and licenses of 12 Bloomberg terminals.

Wendell E Mackey
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 “On the day of my graduation with my parents taking pictures on the steps of then the newly constructed School of Business, I remember saying one day I will come back and do something significant for Howard that will live on for generations” recalls Mackey. “So humbly here I am now, living up to my commitment from my graduation day. The Bloomberg Terminal is something that the university will always have from now on. The Bloomberg Finance Lab will help the entire University in addition to the School of Business. In working with President Frederick and Dean Harvey we have the Bloomberg Finance Lab set up to go into the School of Business, and a few other schools across campus.”

The lab in the School of Business will be part of the school’s trading floor. A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the grand opening will be held during Howard University’s Charter Day celebrations on March 2.

“This very generous donation by Alumnus Wendell E. Mackey (HUSB class of 1985) of Channing Capital Management in support of a Bloomberg Financel Lab provides the School of Business with an important asset,” said Barron Harvey, Ph.D., dean of the Howard University School of Business. “The Bloomberg Lab will greatly enhance the academic skills of our undergraduate and graduate students in finance, accounting, marketing, supply chain and management, and enhance their professional marketability. In addition, the lab will greatly impact the research productivity of our dedicated faculty in the School of Business.”

The Bloomberg Terminal is a software platform that provides real-time and historical data, market moving news and analytics to help leading business and financial professionals worldwide make better informed investment decisions. The service also features execution platforms for every asset class, research and a global network to communicate securely and reliably.

“In terms of the launch and bringing the Bloomberg platform to Howard University, I hope that this will leave a legacy for me as the person that helped bring Bloomberg back to Howard,” expressed Mackey. “I think for the students that come through Howard, hopefully they will understand the power of giving. The donation that I am gifting to Howard has come through hard work, sacrifice, unwavering support from family and friends, tremendous clients who have supported Channing Capital Management, and great business partners in Rodney Herenton and Eric McKissack. I have been blessed to have a great team here at Channing, and we have been able to get it done. Now Howard will be the beneficiary in a major way.”

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