Global Trilateral MBA Program

Global Trilateral MBA Program

Problem solving with a global perspective

The Global Trilateral MBA (GTMBA) program is an educational and experiential certificate program designed to provide students with international consulting experiences.

Through a trilateral partnership between three highly regarded MBA programs at leading universities (such as the Central University of Finance and Economics, Gordon Institute of Business Science -University of Pretoria, and the Howard University School of Business) students are awarded an International MBA Certificate in conjunction with their MBA degree.


The mission of the Global Trilateral MBA Program is to inspire and teach global citizens to seek solutions to problems impacting humanity

Program Components

The GTMBA combines various learning methods to provide students with a comprehensive training program and prepare them for a global business environment:

Classroom learning

The classroom portion of the program allows students to develop business strategy skills and gain knowledge of management consulting practices in global markets. Students will learn the key factors and issues relating to conducting business in an ever shifting economic, political, social, and technological world. Through this coursework, students gain an understanding of global cultures as they relate to developing successful business strategies for clients and learn to conduct essential market and business reviews to build visionary and conceptual strategic plans.

Consulting Projects

Using the management consulting, cross-cultural communications, and international relations lessons from the classroom experience, students will engage in real-life consulting projects alongside their peers from each of the partner schools. In small teams, students will provide consulting services to clients including not-for-profits, Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized enterprises and government agencies worldwide.

International Conferences and Study Tours

The program participants will each host a conference at their home institutions throughout the course of the program. During each conference, students will have the opportunity to travel to each program site, meet with clients, and present their findings and results to both their peers and the companies they have been working with. This unique opportunity allows students to see first hand how business is conducted in global market, engage with global corporations, and see how valuable their perspectives are in developing global business strategies.

Minimum Requirements for Admission

  • Enrollment in one of the 3 partner school’s MBA Programs
  • Proficiency in English (written & verbal); determined by TOEFL score
  • Interest in a global career

Partner Institutions

Upon successful completion of the program, an International MBA Certificate has been awarded to each student from the following institutions:

The Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) in Beijing, China is one of the national “211” key universities to which the Chinese government has given high priority. The Business School at CUFE, established in 2003, has partnered with over 100 international organizations and offered professional training services to 300 government officials from 77 countries.

University of Pretoria in South Africa established the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in 2000 as a place where people with potential, healthy ambition and respect for the best practice are willing to engage like-minded peers and colleagues. Through high quality business and management education, GIBS works to improve responsible individual and organizational performance in South Africa and in the broader African community.

The Howard University School of Business, in Washington, DC offers an MBA program that strives to provide superior graduate business education for managers and leaders with outstanding abilities, motivation, and creativity. A major focus of the Howard MBA program is the dedication to developing new knowledge and solutions to global business and societal challenges.

Our Mission

The mission of the Global Trilateral MBA Program is to inspire and teach global citizens to seek solutions to problems impacting humanity