The Hospitality Industry is the fastest growing industry in the United States, creating a demand for professionals specialized in hospitality management.

Hospitality graduates with the right training, education, and work experience will have management opportunities in lodging, foodservice, resorts, clubs, hospitals, catering, airlines, nursing homes, retirement communities, associations and organizations, meeting and event planning, bed and breakfast, and individual entrepreneur options. Hospitality Management Curriculum offers Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management.

The primary mission of the program is to provide students with a comprehensive professional education. The hospitality curriculum is designed to provide both theoretical and practical experience to address the changing needs of the hospitality industry. It integrates a variety of university courses in the humanities, social sciences, and science disciplines with a heavy concentration of business and hospitality management courses.

The hospitality management program at Howard University is located in the nation’s capital Washington, DC. Living in the DC area surrounded by several hospitality businesses, students have tremendous opportunities to seek internship and job options at major hospitality corporations.

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Here are some our featured courses:

Intro to Hospitality Industr
Food Service Management
Hotel/ Motel/ Restaurant Management
Seminar in Management

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