Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems

The undergraduate academic program of the Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences leads to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration with a major of Computer Information Systems.

The Department is also responsible for offering management science courses required of all the students in the School of Business. The objective of the department is to provide the students with a strong foundation in information systems and lifelong learning that would allow them to pursue careers in any Technology or Business field.

The Information Systems (IS) major curriculum, and the Supply Chain Management curriculum integrates business and computing. Information Systems focuses primarily on the role that information and technology play in creating business solutions. The classic IS major generally likes to solve puzzles. The analytical and creative ability needed to solve a puzzle also helps to design and create automated business solutions.

Here are some our featured courses:

Intro to Software Design
Database Management
Intro to Data & Network Comm
Systems Analysis & Design
Intro to eBusiness & Commerce
Information Systems Consulting

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