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Maryam Khan

(202) 806-1535

Maryam Khan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Dr. Maryam Khan holds a Ph.D. in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Virginia Tech, the terminal degree one can attain in the field. She is internationally known as an expert and as an educator in the field, a reputation that she has brought to Howard. BesidesDepartment of Management teaching, she is also involved in research, paper and chapter publication, refereed presentation, student advising, curriculum development, school committees, outreach activities, professional development, industry workshops, technological advancement, and other administrative activities to bring her experiences to the classroom and enhance the Hospitality Management Program. She has taught several hospitality and management courses at Howard University.   Some of these courses are: Introduction to Hospitality Management, Food service Management, Lodging and Facility Management, Hospitality Marketing, Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Management, Convention and Meeting Management, Food Cost Control, and Management of Organization Behavior. She has published and presented more than fifty research papers in internationally known journals and meetings. Her research focus on customer service, minority issues, technology, current events and environmental concerns relating to lodging, foodservice, and meeting planning. She is a recipient of several academic and industry grants. She has worked at local, national, and international levels and tried to fulfill Howard University's vision of serving the global community.