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Curtis Cain


Curtis C. Cain, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Information Systems & Supply Chain Management


Dr. Curtis Cain's expertise focuses on the cultural and societal influences impacting the participation of minority groups in the technology and engineering fields. He has experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methodology and has published journal articles using both. He employs a teaching pedagogy that heavily emphasizes practicality and project-based learning. He enjoys teaching courses that depict the influence of people, and technology firms, on IT and the impact of IT on individuals, organizations, and society. Dr. Cain believes in the value of diversity, not only in traditional aspects, such as ethnicity, race, and gender but also in diversity of thought and social inclusion. Dr. Cain also taught Software Engineering to the inaugural cohort of Howard West students at Google's corporate headquarters in Mountain View, CA. His professional experience extends well beyond the classroom and academia, as he has held various positions in industry, where he has been asked to improve inefficiencies throughout organizations. Lastly, Dr. Cain believes in the value of advising. He firmly believes in assisting students to reach their personal and professional goals. Additional information can be found below.

Areas of expertise

  • Race and Ethnicity in the IT Sector
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • Diversity and Social Inclusion in the IT Sector
  • Human Computer Interaction


  • Ph.D., Information Sciences and Technology, The Pennsylvania State University, College of Information Sciences and Technology, University Park, PA, 2016
  • M.S., Computer Science and Software Engineering, Auburn University, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Auburn, AL, 2010
  • B.S., Information Systems Engineering, Johnson C. Smith University, College of Computer Science and Engineering, Charlotte, NC, 2008

Courses Taught

  • Management Information Systems
  • Quantitative Business Analysis
  • Software Engineering

Selected Research

  • Curtis C. Cain and Eileen Trauth. 2017. Black Men in IT: Theorizing an Autoethnography of a Black Man's Journey into IT within the United States of America. SIGMIS Database 48, 2 (April 2017), 35-51. DOI:
  • Eileen M. Trauth, Curtis C. Cain, K.D. Joshi, Lynette Kvasny, and Kayla M. Booth. 2016. The Influence of Gender-Ethnic Intersectionality on Gender Stereotypes about IT Skills and Knowledge. SIGMIS Database 47, 3 (August 2016), 9-39. DOI:
  • Curtis C. Cain and Eileen M. Trauth. 2016. Black Lives Matter: The Journey of a Black IT Scholar. In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGMIS Conference on Computers and People Research (SIGMIS-CPR '16). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 83-86. DOI:
  • Cain, C.C., Trauth, E.M. (2015). "Theorizing the Underrepresentation of Black Males in Information Technology (IT)," Proceedings of the 21th Americas Conference on Information Systems (Puerto Rico).