Specialization in Marketing gives the student the breadth of exposure to and depth of immersion in Marketing needed to understand how for-profit and non-profit organizations need to operate successfully and be productive and efficient in a market-oriented economy.

The course-work offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels:

  • are constantly updated to be current with where the best in the field of marketing is at any given point in time,
  • cover the broad scope of the field of marketing, including its major sub-specialties, and,
  • go into considerable depth in each of these sub-specialties so as to thoroughly prepare our students to operate successfully in the field of marketing once they graduate from our programs.

Students in any of our programs are trained, to provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and essential values needed to become competent, ethical marketing managers in any for-profit or non-profit organization they choose to work for or to function successfully as entrepreneurs, if that is what they choose to do when they graduate. Internships are also usually offered to many students in our programs by various for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Here are some our featured courses:

Marketing Research
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Communications
Computer Applications in Mktg
Mktg Planning & Strategy

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If you like engaging with people and have an interest in understanding consumer behavior then marketing is for you. You can do anything from strategy, social media, brand management, advertising, communications, etc.

-Haley Hall HU '17